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How long does a tour last?


What is expected of an author during the tour?

Will you protect my privacy?

Indie authors, traditionally published authors, publishers and PA's welcome!

I work with a ton of both large and small publishers directly as well as indie authors or authors already with a publisher but are looking to go out on their own to gain some extra publicity. I also work with private PAs quite a bit that are looking to get their clients some extra publicity on another level.

What's the cost of all of this?

Why is every tour required to have a giveaway?

A Pleasure to work with

- Author Hope Malory

Very accommodating and helpful

Maia was very accommodating and was very helpful to me with my debut novel Beyond Paradise
- Author Barbara Nolan

Phenomenal Experience!

My experience with Maia at Silver Dagger (Tours) has been phenomenal!
When I first messaged her (on a Saturday night), I wasn't expecting a reply until well into the week. Lo and behold, there was an email waiting for me Sunday morning. She not only replied, but had already begun preparation for my tour. 
What a F.N. champion!
I highly recommend Maia and silver Dagger Book Tours. you will undoubtedly gain social media exposure and an increase in book sales. 
Thank you, Maia for all your hard work and expertise!
- Authir Joe F.N. Schmoe (Rideshares, Wrecks and Sex)

A great experience!

I had a great experience with her, she was understanding that I was all over the place with personal stuff and reminded me when I had complete brain skips and took care of the giveaway for me which was nice.
- Author Francheska Fifield